Facebook page messages are now available on Messenger.

Table of contents:

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Table of contents:

Facebook page messages are now available on Messenger.

Facebook page messages are now available on Messenger.

Your Facebook page messages are now available on Messenger.

Facebook introduces an upgrade to Messenger, allowing businesses to respond to page messages, enhancing customer satisfaction, and streamlining workflow for business owners.

Facebook page messages are now available on Messenger.


Introducing the Latest Facebook Messenger Upgrade for Businesses: A game-changing feature has recently been unveiled on Facebook Messenger, providing a significant boost to business owners and their interactions with customers. The update allows seamless integration of Facebook page messages into Messenger, enabling businesses to respond to customer queries and inquiries directly from the platform they use for personal communication. This enhanced functionality not only streamlines workflow but also ensures rapid responses to customers’ needs, fostering increased satisfaction and potential sales. Let’s delve into the details of this transformative upgrade and its potential impact on businesses and customers alike.

If you are also the owner of at least one page on Facebook, you can now receive the messages you receive on your page through Messenger. Although this feature has been available for some time, it continues to be rolled out gradually.

Switching between accounts

The ability to switch between different accounts allows businesses to respond quickly without needing to open another application.

All incoming messages are now easily grouped in the same application. However, they remain separate enough to prevent businesses from accidentally responding to a customer from their personal account.

When responding to messages, the business owner can choose whether to reply as themselves or as the business.

This is undoubtedly a significant upgrade to the workflow of business owners, as according to Facebook, over 90% of business page managers already use Messenger to chat with friends and relatives.

Facebook’s research shows that most page managers prefer not to download and manage multiple applications, making this upgrade to Messenger an ideal solution.

Quick responses mean satisfied customers

This Messenger update is not only beneficial for page managers but also designed to improve the speed at which customers receive responses from businesses.

Customers often have questions that arise during their consumer journey before making a potential purchase. Such questions may include store hours, product availability, delivery and pickup options, and more.

A quick response to customers can make a difference in whether they choose to make a purchase from your business over a competitor.

Facebook cites a Hubspot study stating that 90% of customers appreciate a prompt response when they have a question related to marketing or sales.

Respond on the go

You can respond to page messages on the go, although we recommend avoiding any other action while driving, and it would be safer to pull over at a safe spot to respond without risk.

You are in control

To ensure that no message goes unanswered, businesses can even choose to receive additional notifications so they don’t forget to reply to customers.

This means you will receive the initial notification as soon as you receive a message on your page, and then another notification after a short time in case you haven’t responded yet.

You are now able to control when notifications appear for each account.

This is especially useful in an era where the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to operate with limited staff due to layoffs or suspensions.

Now, business owners who can manage a range of new responsibilities can still monitor customer messages.

Doesn't replace the Page Manager app

It’s worth noting that this upgrade to Facebook Messenger is not intended to fully replace the messaging functionality embedded in the Page Manager app.

Businesses can still use the “Page Manager” app to respond to messages if they prefer, as well as manage posts, create ads, view page insights, and more.

No additional steps are required to send and receive business messages through Facebook Messenger.

As long as the personal account of the page manager is connected to their business’s Facebook page, this update will work automatically.


In conclusion, the integration of Facebook page messages with Messenger represents a significant advancement for businesses and their interactions with customers. By allowing seamless switching between personal and business accounts, business owners can respond promptly without the need for multiple applications. The enhanced accessibility and quick responses provided through Messenger lead to more satisfied customers, potentially driving higher sales. While this upgrade does not replace the Page Manager app, it offers convenience and efficiency, especially in times of limited resources during the pandemic. Overall, this feature serves as a valuable tool for businesses to maintain effective communication and foster stronger relationships with their clientele.

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