12 Mistakes on Social Media That Harm Your Business

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Table of contents:

12 Mistakes on Social Media That Harm Your Business

12 Mistakes on Social Media That Harm Your Business

Google announces a new content policy called ‘Phone Stuffing,’ prohibiting businesses from including phone numbers in their Google Posts on Google My Business, offering alternative ways to share contact information.

12 Mistakes on Social Media That Harm Your Business


In the fast-paced digital era, social media has become a vital platform for businesses and brands to engage with their audience and build lasting relationships. However, navigating the dynamic landscape of social media marketing requires a strategic approach, as missteps can lead to significant consequences. In this article, we delve into ten critical mistakes that businesses and brands should avoid while managing their presence on social media. From neglecting customer needs to overlooking negative comments and overusing hashtags, we uncover essential insights to help businesses make the most of their social media efforts. Let’s explore these pitfalls and discover how to create an impactful and authentic social media presence.

You only share content related to your business

What businesses and brands should do is focus their messages on the users/visitors of their websites.

Follow social trends, but at the same time, become part of the conversation by using valuable messages that your audience can use and share.

You ignore the needs and expectations of your audience

Having a lack of presence on social media, the biggest mistake a company can make is ignoring its audience and, consequently, their needs and expectations.

If a brand is known for its prestige and careful presence, it’s good to be more entertaining and light-hearted on social media.

Limit the types of content

A significant mistake on social media is not using different types of content on your feed, such as user-generated content, blog post links, videos, and infographics.

The general rule is to publish a combination of corporate and educational content that will benefit your readers and maintain their interest.

You do not "listen" to your customers

The most important activity of brands or companies on social media is to “listen” to their audience 24/7. Social media is essentially a direct line to your consumers, both locally and globally.

We recommend monitoring discussions, as it will help you understand how consumers really feel about your brand and products or services.

You create a social presence centered around sales without personality

While it’s essential to have content focused on sales, you should create a healthy combination of educational, attractive, and exciting content.

You should create content based on your audience’s demographics. Operate more as a publisher than as a brand whose sole purpose is selling!

You do not interact with your audience

Many companies misuse social media because they don’t understand that content marketing requires a different approach from advertising.

Avoid this mistake by truly interacting with your audience, persuading them with your experience, and offering value instead of just trying to make a sale.

You delete or overlook negative comments

If a user writes negative comments about your brand on social media, thank them for their feedback. Do not delete them!

Tell them that you appreciate it and that you always seek the world’s opinion to improve.

Do not defend yourself directly

Defensive attitudes don’t translate well in written form and usually attract even more negative comments.

You make spelling and grammar mistakes

A small error can detract from your message, causing your readers to focus on what went wrong in the post instead of what you intended to say.

Make sure you’ve checked and rechecked your content before publishing it, and if you make a mistake, correct it as soon as you notice.

You provide poor customer service on social media

Consumers appreciate immediacy and dedication on social media. The ability to bypass a phone call or avoid a conversation with a representative happens because most people will share their concerns and questions online first.

Dedicate more time to responding to those who reach out to you, don’t offer useless information, and don’t ignore them; otherwise, they might find a competitor who will give them the answer or solution they’re looking for.

You certainly don’t want that!

You publish "inappropriate" content

Sensitivity and consideration for others should always be of utmost importance, not only in the workplace but also on social channels where brands and businesses communicate with their broader audience.

Social media should reflect the image and culture of the brand – thus, ethical standards must always align.

You use too many hashtags

When posting social content, be careful not to use too many hashtags or tags; the content may come across as “desperate” for engagement. Moreover, it might not align with the tone and voice of the company you’re trying to convey.

Fail to promote two-way conversations with customers

The most significant benefit of social media is two-way communication, enabling real dialogue with your customers.

Brands that use it solely for posting and promotion, rather than for conversation, miss the opportunity to build excellent relationships with supporters, customers, and influencers.


Navigating the world of social media marketing demands finesse and a deep understanding of your audience’s preferences. As we’ve explored in this article, businesses and brands must steer clear of common pitfalls that can undermine their social media efforts. By actively engaging with their audience, responding to feedback, and delivering valuable content, companies can build a robust social media presence that fosters meaningful connections with customers and drives business growth. Embracing these best practices will not only help businesses avoid missteps but also lead them to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing. Remember, social media offers boundless opportunities for brands to make a positive impact, and by heeding these valuable insights, companies can maximize their potential in the digital realm.