Project: The Greek School of Plato


The Greek School of Plato


Brooklyn, NY


Graphic Design, Flyer Design, Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Google Ads

Technology or Medium

Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC

Project Description

The design project we developed for the Greek School of Plato was a comprehensive and immersive endeavor to encapsulate the essence of Hellenic culture and education. We focused on creating a user-friendly interface infused with vibrant colors for the website, invoking a sense of ancient wisdom through modern design elements. Social media posts were crafted strategically, combining educational content with captivating visuals, fostering engagement and community interaction. Posters and advertising materials were meticulously designed to evoke curiosity and convey the richness of Greek heritage, utilizing classic motifs intertwined with contemporary aesthetics. The overarching goal was to honor the legacy of Plato’s teachings while embracing innovation, ultimately reflecting the school’s dedication to imparting knowledge within a dynamic, visually compelling framework.

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