6 Tips to improve your profile on Instagram!

Table of contents:

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Table of contents:

6 Tips to improve your profile on Instagram!

Are you looking for ways to improve your marketing strategy on Instagram?

Do you want to make a strong first impression and gain new followers on Instagram?

First impressions matter. And nowhere do first impressions matter more than on Instagram, at least in the digital world of social networking.

If you’ve spent a lot of time creating the perfect content that attracts people to check out your account, why would you want the first impression to be anything other than exceptional?

Below are six brief and understandable tips for each element of an Instagram profile and the best ways to optimize them to create a satisfying first impression!

You will learn how to optimize your account management, profile image, account name, Instagram bio, profile link, and your best moments.

Let’s get started!

6 Tips to improve your profile on Instagram!

Account Name

Whenever possible, your business or brand name should be fully visible. For extra points, all social media accounts should have the same and complete name.

Profile Picture

If your account is professional and related to your business or brand, use a high-quality image with your logo. However, if your account is personal, such as being a personal trainer or a YouTuber, it is recommended to use a photo of yourself.


This is obviously important, whether it’s your name or a brand name. However, if you use your own name, a good idea is to add your profession or occupation to this field so that users can immediately see what your content is about.


Your brief “bio” is often what will make or break it. It should be concise and attention-grabbing, allowing users to understand exactly what you do and why they should follow you.

Profile Link

You can have only one link, so it should direct users to the content you want them to see. This could be a course enrollment page, a product, or anything else.

Did you know that you can use services like Linktree to display more than one URL? Essentially, with just one link, you can lead them to multiple links. Give it a try. 😉

Story Highlights

Users often scroll through your stories before following your account. Therefore, they should be impressive and showcase only the best images. These could be sneak peeks of a new product in production or snapshots from the preparation of an upcoming event.

Don’t wait any longer!

Start optimizing your social media accounts now and gain new followers before your competition does.


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